Continuum 2018, July, 2018, Leicester University John Foster Hall of Residence

Continuum Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is Continuum being held?

It is being held at:

John Foster Hall at the University of Leicester.

University of Leicester,

John Foster Hall,

Manor Road,


Leicester, LE2 2LG

A site map can be found here

The doors open on Friday 20th July 2018 at 2pm and close on Monday 23rd July 2018 at 09:30am (check-out time).

How long has Continuum been running?

Continuum has been running under this name in even years since 2004. However, Continuum is continuing a long tradition started by Convulsions, which ran every two years from 1992-2002.

Who can help me at the Convention?

The university staff wear badges and can usually be found at the reception in the main building. If there is something wrong or broken in your room, they are the people who can probably help you. Be nice to them; they work very hard! The Continuum Committee (and their volunteers) are the people who can help you with all your convention-related questions and problems. You can identify them by their badges and/or you can check the Who's who section on this website and remember their faces... Incidentally, they also work very hard and you should be nice to them too.

Is there any way in which I can help the Committee?

We love it when people pitch in! If you have special skills/equipment that you think could be of use in the planning phase of this con, or that we should know about in advance, head over to the contact section and let us know now . If you would like to help us out during the event, we are always looking for a few mentors, gophers or someone to mind the Bring and Buy stall for a while etc. Speak to a member of the Committee, and we will find something useful for you to do (and will thank you profusely!).

Volunteering is easy and fun. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to pitch in. There are jobs that need to be done before, during and after the con. By sharing the work, we all get a chance to enjoy the convention.

What's the food like at Continuum?

The con is held at a University Hall of Residence, so there is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a vending machine with snacks that usually runs out around Saturday evening. As for the quality, price and content of the menu, the Committee never really knows until we arrive there ourselves and we don't have any influence over it.

Breakfast is from 8.00 - 9.30am and is included for everyone who stays at the Hall overnight. It usually comes in the form of a English Breakfast: bacon, egg, beans, toast, jam and the like. There is also a hot drinks machine. Lunch and Dinner are not included in the price, however, the Dining Hall The offer varies from day to day but includes a vegetarian option (which might come in the shape of a jacket potato). The quality of the food is about average. In the past there have been some complaints that the prices were too high or the portions were too small or that a particular dish was not very nice, but the Dining Hall is right in the Main Building so it is a convenient place to grab a bite between games. Lunch is from 1 to 2pm and Dinner is from 6.30 to 8pm.

Your other food options include:

- Take Away: There are a few take aways within delivery distance. The Committee will have a selection of menus available. During peak hours, the delivery might take a while, but usually there is a discount when a few people place a large order together.

- Restaurants: Oadby, which is about a 15 min walk away from the venue, has a number of good restaurants such as the 'The Lord Keeper of The Great Seal', a Wetherspoon Pub and the Leeja Palace, an Indian Restaurant.

- Self Catering: Every flat in the Hall has a shared kitchen, which should contain a working stove and oven, fridge, kettle, microwave and toaster. If you decide to cook your own meals during the con, be advised that you will need to bring your own cooking utensils as well as plates, glasses and cutlery and washing up liquid etc. The kitchens tend to be almost stripped bare during the summer months. As for ingredients, the closest supermarket is the ASDA in Oadby about 10 minutes walk from the venue, but there is a Waitrose and a Marks and Spencer's further into town.

Will there be beer? Or do I have to bring my own alcohol?

Due to University and licensing policies, you may not bring or consume your own alcohol anywhere in the venue or elsewhere on the premises. You may, however, consume your own alcohol in the rooms of the accommodation blocks. John Foster Hall has a bar, which serves an assortment of real ale, beer from the tap and other beverages. The Bar opens around 11am and is open until late.

What is the accommodation like?

John Foster Hall consists of a Main Building and set of accommodation blocks. These blocks have four floors with 2 flats on each floor. A flat consists of a shared kitchen and 4 or 5 en-suite single bedrooms. Kitchens contain a Fridge/Freezer, microwave, oven (electric), kettle (electric), iron+board, a worktop, a table and a few chairs. The kitchen will in all likelihood not contain any plates, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses or washing liquid etc, so remember to bring these things (lest you must travel to ASDA and buy what you forgot). Bedrooms are single occupancy. There is a wardrobe in the room and a bed that comes ready-made with two pillows. There is a desk in the bedroom with a lamp, a small kettle and some tea and coffee. There is an Ethernet port in the room, but no cables, so if you wish to use the Internet in your room, remember to bring a cable (charges apply). The en-suite bathroom has a toilet, washbasin and a shower. Some towels will be provided. Please note that due to Halls safety regulations, the windows in the rooms will not open fully. This results in the rooms being rather warm in any weather, so be prepared for that.

How do I sign-up for games?

If it's a freeform you're after, you will have to sign up on the website well before the con. Other games, such as tabletops will have a sign-up sheet on one of the sign-up boards in the Main Building on the day. Write your name on the list, (legibly, if possible). If the game is full, consider signing up for a reserve slot, in case someone drops out. Similarly, if you realise you won't be able to play in a game you have signed up for, be a good guy or girl and cross your name off the list.

I want to run something at Continuum. What do I do?


If you want to run a Freeform, you'll have to contact Chris, who coordinates this kind of thing, and bid your game. When it comes to theme, size, rules etc. please see the Freeform FAQ page

Freeforms at Continuum are usually run in either Treroose House or Wighton House just down the road from the main venue. The house has a large garden and quite a number of small-ish rooms. Continuum won't charge you or your players for a Freeform. However, if you do need to cover material costs and such, you are free to charge your players if you let them (and us) know in advance. You alone will be responsible for collecting the fees from your players.


We like those! Any system or setting is fine with us. Historically we get quite a big Glorantha or Call of Cthulhu Fanbase at our con, but a huge number of games we get these days are Indie games. Generally speaking, if it's promising to be fun, you'll get players! You are of course free to bring down your games on the day and see if the opportunity arises, but we recommend that you register your game with Keary in advance. There are good reasons why: 1. It allows us to announce the games on the website, so players and other GMs know what's happening 2. It allows Keary to allocate you a space, so you will in all likelihood wind up in a nice. quiet room. 3. If you preregister, run a game and take the sign-up sheet to Keary afterwards, he'll give you a drink token for the bar!

Panels/Other Events:

If you think you or you and your friends have something interesting to show or tell the attendees, why not host a panel? We have had all sorts of panels in the past, including companies presenting their upcoming games, mapmakers showing off their work, advice on running conventions and the ever popular Spirituality and Roleplaying panel, we usually have a fun selection and are proud of it. If you have a panel or any other event (we even let people sing at this convention!), let Colin know.

I want to buy stuff!

Good news, we have people who will take your money and exchange it for some great loot! Usually we have at least two or three stalls in the Trading Hall, selling RPGs, dice, board and card games etc.

And of course there will be a Bring and Buy:

The Bring and Buy stall is manned and womanned by some of our brave volunteers. The concept is simple. Bring your unwanted RPGs, books, games etc. (complete and in acceptable condition please!) to the stall. Tell the volunteers for what price you want it to be sold. If we do sell it, we take 20% of the sale price. You get the rest of the money. If you don't collect your money or your unsold goods by Sunday night, we take it you are donating it to the con (and we thank you!) Remember to bring enough cash, as we have no card machines and the nearest cash machine is at the ASDA in Oadby.

I need contact with the outside world!

Huh, you need what with where? John Foster Hall has WiFi in the main building, for which you can collect a code at the reception. Be prepared to chase the signal a bit (the bar usually has a good one). Mobile phone coverage, due to the architecture of the site, is notoriously bad to non- existent, depending on your provider. Be prepared to miss calls and consider walking out to the street if you need to make one.


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