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Greetings, and welcome to the abode of Malkavius.  It's taken me a while to do a bit more decorating since my initial burst of activity, but I've finally managed to do something.  The Superbia Gallery is probably still the main point of interest, but there is now a Scallymanger page which explains the meaning and relevance of the image above.

*** STOP PRESS! ***
Gosh, Two Updates in less than a year! On the 27th of January 2007, I will be jointly hosting Leighton Buzzard's second Charity Poker Night: Fat Sam's Grand Slam Charity Poker Tournament! A Gangsters & Molls themed evening of Poker, Pizza and Prizes!
In the afternoon of the same day, we are also running a Boss of Bosses, a freeform roleplaying game set in a 1930s New York Speakeasy. For full details of both events, click on the links.