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Queen Anne Julia Iskett
King William Brian Williams
Lady Eleanor Nickey Barnard
Princess Catherine Jane Mitton
The Duke of Barkwell Tony Mitton
Brentford Mark Booth
Humberson Steve Hatherley
The Countess of Estridge David Shannon
Henry, First Earl of Nordica / Lord Marshall Mo Holkar
Richard, Second Earl of Nordica Russell Harris
Lord Battersby Paul Snow
James, Earl of Glaister Chris Boote
Arthur, Heir of Glaister Jon "Spike" Crew
Hilda of Glaister Heidi Kaye
The Lord of the Western Marches Nathan Richards
The Duke of Sutton Malk Williams (Me!)
The Duchess of Cambric Philippa Dall
Captain Hugh Chatsworth Simon Greatrix
Friedrich Altendorf, First Schtimmian Ambassador David Shannon
Die Grafin Sieben, Second Schtimmian Ambassador
Liz Smith
Gaston La Platte, Panachian Ambassador Graham Arnold
Captured Panachian Spy David Shannon (Again)
Madeleine Genevieve Cogham
Giselle Jo Hart
Leduc / Cattersham Jerry Elsmore
Shanks Tym Norris
Lord Newbury Greg Lamb
The Player King Sam Pay
The Player Queen Meg Douglas