The Leighton Buzzard Charity

Chapter IV: The Return to Tombstone

What's Goin' On?

Date: Saturday 16th May 2009

Time: Doors Open at 7.00pm. Final Hand at around 10.45pm

Place: Billington Village Hall, Gaddesden Turn, Greater Billington, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Cost: £15.00 per person booked in advance, or £17.50 on the door.
This includes entry to the Big Game, and food (which will be pizza unless you need to arrange an alternative with the organisers.

At Least £10.00 of this is Guaranteed to go to Charity.

Costume: Anyone who comes in Wild West Fancy Dress (a token effort will suffice) will get a £1.00 voucher towards their First Drink at the Bar.

How Does it Work?

The main event is a No Limits Texas Hold'em Tournament, in which everyone plays for the charity of their choice. The money raised will be split between the charities chosen by the final three players.

E.g. If there are 35 players, there will be a pot of £350, of which, £200 will go to the Winner's charity, £100 to the runner up's charity, and £50 to for third place.

Important: The charity you choose must be a registered charity.
No Money will be won by or issued to the players themselves, although there will be prizes for the winners.

We do not mind how many people are playing for the same charity.

Players who are knocked out of the Big Game Cannot buy their way back into it,
but there is also...

The "Last Chance Saloon" Tournament!

A second, separate tournament may be entered for a modest £5.00.
All proceeds from this game will be split between the charities of the three chip leaders at the end of the night, split as per the Big Game.  If knocked out, players can buy themselves back into the You Only Live Twice game as many times as they like.

The person who buys their way back into the Last Chance Saloon Tournament most times, will be awarded the (coveted) Morgan "Mad Dog" McGhee Prize!

Poker Virgins Table

Novice players need not feel left out, as the rules will be explained, and a table (or two) will be set aside for "Poker Virgins", where the dealer will be happy to help players learn the ropes.

Note: On previous occasions, a Poker Virgin has always been placed among the winners. Last year's winner had never played poker before!

Name Badges

Everyone will be given a name badge to indentify themselves and their chosen charity. We strongly encourage people to pick "poker nicknames" (preferably with a Wild-West related theme) for the evening. If you can't think of one for yourself, the Organisers may choose one for you... You have been warned...