Boss of Bosses...

New York, 1932. Don Gino Cuomo, undisputed capo di tutti capi, has just been sentenced to fifteen years in the new Riker's Island prison for tax evasion. The Don's consiligiere has asked all the city's mob bosses, and the politicians in the Don's pocket, to come to the fabulous Club 21 Speakeasy to see if they can hold the city's underworld together. Will support hold for the Don, despite his imprisonment? Will a new Boss of Bosses emerge? Or will New York degenerate into gang warfare?

Boss of Bosses is a freeform for 25 players. Characters will be New York mobsters, politicians, gamblers and staff at Club 21.

If you would like to play in Boss of Bosses, get in touch quickly and let us know. There are 25 places: 15 male and 10 female, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The game will start at 2pm, and will cost 5.00.

What's a Freeform?

Confused? Don't be. If you've never played in a freeform before, it's actually quite simple. It's quite similar to one of those Murder Mystery Parties, except that it's not just about solving a murder. You get to dress up, you get the details of your character, and then you get to play your character. There's no script, you just get on with it! Remember when you were a kid, and you used to play cops and robbers? Well, it's a bit like that, except with less running, better costumes*, and a referee to judge who really did shoot whom first!

Want to know more? Have a look at Steve Hatherley's website for further details.

* Usually.